In the Beginning…

…there was a couple living in the city centre of Edinburgh with dreams of someday, somewhere, building their own home from sustainable materials, in a sustainable manner, but not overly techy or expensive. And we wanted to do the work. Or as much as was possible with our fairly minimal skill set in manual labour. But this was a dream for the future. There was work, university and so many others things to do.

Then there was a defining moment of a blue line that told us ‘In less than 9 months, your entire world will change in ways you could not imagine if you tried.’ So moving out of the city became a major focus. We want our little one to be able to grow up and spend their childhood in nature, running about in the woods and hills, not the urban jungle. He can do that…later.

And so here we are now, with our 18 month old boy, a quarter acre plot in South Lanarkshire, architects appointed; we are on our way!

In the next week or two there should be posts on how we chose our plot, building materials, architects and writing up our brief for the architects. We have never done this before and so hope in posting about it, others might learn from our experiences.