From trench to foundation

The nearly-complete foundations.

The nearly-complete foundations. (They don’t spread out around the dumper on the top-right, that is just the remains of the aggregate pile.)

Over the course of three days, the trenches were filled with Type 1 aggregate. Luckily the weather was much improved from the beginning of the week – both warmer and with a couple very sunny days. The aggregate is deposited in 150mm rises and then packed down with a ‘wacker’. There are two variants if this machine – one that looks like a lawnmower and another that looks like a pneumatic drill, both with plates on the bottom that vibrate up-and-down. Both types were used in our case, and resulted in a closely-packed foundation, the cross-section of which can be seen in the previous post about aggregate.

The result is about 700mm of packed aggregate with a solid and level surface. The latter is thanks to an electronic measuring stick they have which ensures the surface is truly level, not just following the surface of the surrounding land which falls away.

In the midst of this, half a day was also spent digging the trenches for the Peerie Hoose (which were then filled). By midday last Tuesday, our foundations were more or less complete. There is still a bit of work to do to put some service pipes in, but we’re away now until the beginning of June so will wait until then to do it.

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  1. Wonderful! You must be so happy to have started on the big project. Coll has the right tools!!

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