Back online…


It might seem like we’ve been offline, but it’s just that a mix of things has resulted in an overly-long gap in posts. It was a combination of being very busy with the construction; an old computer without a functioning battery; beautiful long summer evenings when I wanted to sit out chatting by the fire instead of in the site cabin on the computer; and an overload of photos. But I’ve now got the photos in order and will catch the blog up to the current situation, and then stay on top of them. Hope we haven’t lost too many interested readers!

Site support

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At the end of last year we decided to lease a piece of land next to our plot for use during the build. Given the size of our site and the space that will be needed for the house it would have been too cramped to squeeze all the support functions onto our plot. To allow deliveries to the support site, we put a temporary rubble-filled track in for access (at the end of it all, we will remove the rubble and backfill the topsoil that was removed). I had also looked into buying temporary road mats (the plastic or metal sheets put down to protect grass from vehicles or foot traffic for events). These turn out to be expensive, and for the 40+ metres we needed for the track length, it would have been too much of an outlay.

We also realised we would need some secure storage, an area to make tea and warm up food, and a site office. The plan was to get a shipping container for secure storage and a converted container for an office/mess room. Continue reading

In the Beginning…

…there was a couple living in the city centre of Edinburgh with dreams of someday, somewhere, building their own home from sustainable materials, in a sustainable manner, but not overly techy or expensive. And we wanted to do the work. Or as much as was possible with our fairly minimal skill set in manual labour. But this was a dream for the future. There was work, university and so many others things to do.

Then there was a defining moment of a blue line that told us ‘In less than 9 months, your entire world will change in ways you could not imagine if you tried.’ So moving out of the city became a major focus. We want our little one to be able to grow up and spend their childhood in nature, running about in the woods and hills, not the urban jungle. He can do that…later.

And so here we are now, with our 18 month old boy, a quarter acre plot in South Lanarkshire, architects appointed; we are on our way!

In the next week or two there should be posts on how we chose our plot, building materials, architects and writing up our brief for the architects. We have never done this before and so hope in posting about it, others might learn from our experiences.